Rightsizing & Interior Design Services

The combination of certified personal property appraiser and seasoned interior designer with an associate's degree affords the relevant skills to prepare and execute a plan whether you are downsizing or "Rightsizing", relocating or cleaning and clearing out an estate or your own home. "Rightsizing" allows you to become burden-free and less overwhelmed with objects that are cluttering your physical and mental spaces. My services include any or all of the following:



Rightsizing Consultation

I work with you to evaluate your items, utilizing both my appraisal and interior design skills, recommending what items that should be retained for your new or existing space, and which items that should be passed down, donated or sold.

(Written Appraisal Services Available)

Interior Design Plan

In collaboration with your interests and style, I develop a detailed plan for the arrangement of the retained objects in your new or existing space.      



At any desired level of involvement, I can organize and coordinate the transportation of the retained objects  from their existing location to their new location. For some clients, this makes available a "turn-key" approach to the "Rightsizing" project and removes many of the logistical headaches.



I arrange the objects with a fresh, new look in your existing space or relocated home. Once the moving company has arrived, I can stage your furniture, artwork and decorative objects.

 Dispersal of Items

I can assist in the logistics of shipping certain valuables to loved ones, as well as donating or arranging the sale of those items not retained.