Appraisal Services

Each appraisal is tailored to the client's needs. We arrange an appointment to determine the scope of work and the type of value required for your purposes. The appraisal will include an on-site inspection, digital photographs, a written description for each item, and consideration and review of various markets by utilizing different databases to prepare the formal written appraisal report. 

Equitable Distributions

Insurance Appraisals

Insurance appraisals assist your insurance broker in providing  proper insurance coverage for valuable personal property. An insurance appraisal is written to ensure complete replacement cost coverage often required in claims involving loss, theft, damage, or destruction from fire, smoke or flood.

Estate Appraisals

Required by the IRS and many states, if the total estate is over a certain value threshold (currently at $5 million), everything needs to be appraised and valued as of the date of death (or alternate date). The IRS requires room -by -room inventory of the complete residential contents.  

Equitable distribution requires a careful description and valuation of furniture, antiques, paintings, rugs and other household items to divide and distribute equitably among heirs or in a court case such as a divorce.

Charitable Donations

The IRS requires an appraisal by a qualified appraiser for deductions of charitable donations of higher value items.

Pre - Move Appraisals

Frequently, with the stress of moving, homeowners overlook the importance of having valuable household items appraised. Having an appraisal will assist the homeowner in determining the correct coverage to purchase from the moving company or their insurance agent prior to the move. This appraisal needs to be performed before the items have been packaged and transported. 

Damage Claim Appraisals

Damage claim appraisals are prepared for insurance companies and homeowners to settle a claim after a loss has occurred. To get a fair settlement, a well-written report is essential. 

Rightsizing and Interior Design Services

The combination of certified personal property apprasiser and seasoned interior designer with an associate's degree affords the relevant skills to prepare and execute a plan whether you are downsizing or "rightsizing", relocating or cleaning and clearing our an estate or your own home. "Rightsizing" allows you to become burden-free and less overwhelmed with objects that are cluttering your physical and mental spaces.